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An animal whimpers in a dark of a testing room, another one squeals In pain as the objection is shot into his leg to create some new mascara. Animal testing is a cruelty and today Mrs.. Salaam and fellow classmates; am going to talk to you about: ‘should animals be used in testing and research? ‘. Well, let me tell you this, in the 2nd of December 201 2, it was announced that almost half a million animals were killed for research in Victoria.

A total of 474,453 lab animals died last year, including 229 domestic dogs, 68 domestic tats, 113 monkeys, 421,661 lab mice, 22,325 lab rats, 36 horses and 3 seals and sea lions. Okay! Now, these numbers include more than a million poultry and 750,000 fish used in research. This is a cruel, poor scientific practice, poorly regulated, that medical progress is being held back by misleading animal modes, that some tests are out dated, that it cannot reliably predict effects in humans.

Animals’ lives should be treated as of value and therefore as worthy of respect. The right to be treated with respect does not depend on ability to reason as many would say. Take this into consideration “An insane person has the right to be treated with respect, yet he or she may not be TABLE to act logically, wouldn’t you relate this back to animals and the way they are treated in today’s society in the laboratory? So, the right of being treated with respect does not rest on being a member of a certain species.

Restricting respect for life to a certain species is to perform on injustice similar to racism or sexism. Like the racist who holds that respect for other races does not count as much as respect for his or her own race. Those who support painful experimentation on animals assume that respect for other species does not count as much as respect for members of his or her own species. Now getting into the serious part, where our lives are taken into account.

Animal testing often presents results that cannot be extrapolated to human beings. It has been claimed that many tests conducted on animals produce results that do not indicate how a particular drug or disease would affect a human being. Nathan Reuse, in a letter published in the age on 2nd of December 2012, has claimed, ‘Many drugs that were safe for primates have gone to injure or even exults in death of people. Furthermore, the use of primates for HIVE study is not possible when one considers AIDS is uniquely a human condition.

For those of you who believe in evolution, even Chimpanzees do not develop the disease, when injected with the human virus. Really! After all that researches, they still continue on and use animals for testing. The ethical treatment of animals argues and also states, ‘one of the most significant trends in modern research in recent years had been the recognition that the results of animal tests are rarely relevant to humans.

So they conclude that because of the fundamental biological differences among species, animal test do not reliably predict outcomes in humans. But its okay, because it isn’t the end! There are many more alternatives to animal testing! Yes there might be sophisticated methods which are more accurate, cheaper and also less time consuming than certain animal-based research.


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