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Dog could chain you down and kick you to death? ” “A dog can show more love and affection than most humans could. Animal cruelty epitomizes what some of us have been lacking… Compassion, respect and just innocent love for animals and fellow man this proves that mother nature and her beasts have the right idea how to be” Cruelty to animals in India is a concern which the responsible citizens of India cannot ignore. Like human beings, animals are creations of the god and cruelty to animals should be punished in a similar way in which cruelty to human beings is punished in the country.

However, is it being implemented in reality? There is considerTABLE doubt. Cruelty to animals in India is rising day by day and it should be stopped by any means. Humanity’s true moral test, its fundamental test… Consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals. ” Milan Kinematical-abuse-quotes. HTML Types of cruelty meted out to animals in India Given below are the different types of cruelty meted out to the animals in India: 1. Laboratory testing Many animals like the rabbit, Guiana pig, and monkey are sent to laboratories for different categories of testing.

These innocent creatures often have to undergo painful procedures or tests where shampoo, pharmaceutical goods, and body care products are tested on their skin and eyes. On many occasions, they lose their lives or get injured in trying to free themselves from the clamps or hutches. 2. Brushes made from pigskin Pigs are captured and bristles are pulled from their body when they are alive and they cry in pain. Brushes used for wall painting are manufactured with these bristles or pig body hair. It is definitely a cruelty which asks for severe punishment. 3.

Musk deer perfume The musk deer is an innocent creature which is seen in the Himalayan Mountain Range. This deer is hunted or killed since there is a musk pouch in their body which is used to manufacture musk or Stature which is a priced and famous perfume. The animal is trapped in such a manner that is quite painful and it is kept in the same way until the poacher arrives and slays it. The Stature or musk perfume is subsequently sold at high prices in the markets. 4. Showpieces made from butterflies Butterflies are tender and beautiful creatures that also suffer from human cruelty.

They are captured in butterfly nets and dried up and preserved to make different types of showpieces. The variety of showpieces made by taking the lives of butterflies includes breastpin’s, paperweights, and ornaments. 5. Diet Chicken, mutton, and cow meat form the diet of different communities in India. For this purpose, millions Of chickens, goats, and cows are slaughtered regularly which is indeed an evil act. 6. Silk Products In India, silk is produced through silkworm reproduction. In this process, thousands of larvae lose their life for generating silk yarns which are subsequently used to manufacture fashion materials. 7.

Leather We unconsciously wear leather products only to become surprised when we now that leather goods are made by killing animals like buffalos, cows, snakes, goats, or crocodiles. The skin of the creature is extracted from the body of the creature which was alive at one point of time. This is certainly a grave crime or cruelty against the animals that make our world a beautiful place to live in. A large number of people think that leather is the by-product of a butchery, which is not the case. Animals are butchered and slaughtered to manufacture leather products such as shoulder bags, footwear, belts, jackets, covers and purses. . Zoos We get thrilled by watching the variety of fauna and fauna in the zoos of India. Nonetheless, it is a harsh reality that they are confined or caged in the zoos which is an impediment to their freedom. A bird or any other creature is a symbol of independence and happiness in the forests of India or any other part of the world. When we carry away their liberty and confine these innocent creatures in different zoos of the country for mere visual delights, it is out-and-out cruelty. This is tantamount to life imprisonment given to a heinous criminal.

The environment of the zoos in India or any other country is artificial, which is a deterrent to the healthy living of the animals kept there. Their movement is restricted and sometimes they don’t get good food to sustain. 9. Circus We all visit circuses to entertain ourselves. A circus is nothing but an utter ridicule of the splendor of creatures such as the elephant and the lion which is depicted as the king of the jungle. In circuses these creatures are forced to perform daft deeds to amuse the unaware audience.

Most of us don’t know that these creatures have to undertake hunger and whippings prior to becoming skilled at doing these feats. O, is there a way to Stop cruelty to animals in India? After reading all these, you might feel a sense of guilt. It is quite obvious. How many of us are aware about the extent of cruelty to the animals in India? Animal rights organizations like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) India are taking every measure to stop ill-treatment to the country’s creatures.

Organizations like Visalia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Visualization, India) are carrying out campaigns about the ill effects of cruelty to animals and raising awareness of this serious issue in the minds of the people. In 1 960, The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act was passed in the Indian Parliament to stop the imposition of needless hurt or torment on animals. The aim was also to modify the regulations associated with the preclusion of inhuman treatment to animals. Following the introduction Of this Statute, creation Of the Animal Board Of India took place for the cause of animal safety.

Given below is a list of things that we should and should not do to prevent cruelty to animals in India: We should – * Salvage ill-treated animals * Set up mobile clinics for stray dogs, cats and other animals * Carry out wariness campaigns for school kids * Save wildlife from poachers and hunters * Enhance the volunteer base to work for animal welfare We should not * use products which have been tested from animals * Use perfumes made from animal body parts * use shaving brushes, hairbrushes, and toothbrushes made of animal hair.

Instead, we can use artificial bristles. K Purchase showpieces that have been made of preserved animals. * Support aquariums and zoos * use animal silk * Buy leather goods. We can instead buy products that appear like leather and are manufactured from artificial substances. These are more affordTABLE options as well. * Go to the circus. We should remember that birds and animals carry similar feelings like human beings do. They also have families like we have and they get hurt as We do.

Your consciousness can save the lives of animals in our country that are as valuTABLE as ours. See more at: https://blob. Minneapolis. Com/201 2/05/19/ cruelty-to-animals-I n-India-how-can-we-bring-an-end-to-it/ #stash . Maharaja. Duff I believe that animal cruelty is wrong and heartless believe that most people are not aware of what really goes on, sure there are the occasional news stories on a dog or other yep of animal been nearly beaten to death, but does anybody really give this more than a passing thought. I don’t think so. Live that anyone who mistreats an animal should be punished by the law as if they had committed that same crime on a person. Animals have thoughts and feelings too. Did you know that up until 2006 there were no laws to protect animals in china and yet still today dogs are skinned alive and then hung from meat racks in the markets all over china. The movie industries doesn’t help to stop it, actually they do much worse things we don’t hear about, in the film Apocalypse Now, a live Ox was nearly impolitely sliced in half. I can list many types of animal cruelty in films.

One of the most infamous examples of animal cruelty in film was Michael Casino’s legendary flop Heaven’s Gate, in which numerous animals were brutalized and even killed during production. Camino allegedly killed chickens and bled horses from the neck to gather samples of their blood to smear on actors for Heaven’s Gate, and also allegedly had a horse blown up with dynamite while shooting a battle sequence, the shot of which made it into the film. This is just one of the horrifying things that people to animals in the film industry. Even in our own country animal cruelty is horrible here many states have enacted legislation outlawing cruelty to animals, however, it is argued that welfare laws do not adequately extend to production animals. Whilst police maintain an overall jurisdiction in prosecution of criminal matters, in many states officers of the RASPS and other animal welfare charities are accorded authority to investigate and prosecute animal cruelty offences. Most jurisdictions simply depend on law enforcement officers who may not be knowledgeTABLE in the area or assign it a high priority.

Now imagine a dolphin. What do you see? The dolphin – and indeed the whale – has assumed an almost sacred-like status in the West, while other animals such as the pig… Well, have lost out. The Academy Award-winning documentary The Cove, which aired Sunday night on ABACI , is a masterfully crafted spy-like thriller telling the story of dolphin hunting practices in Tacit, Japan. The documentary shows terrible scenes of dolphins being rounded up, netted and then slaughtered with pears.

It is shocking to see an animal, any animal, being killed. So what about the meat that makes it to the Susie dinner plate? Does its past life get a fair hearing? According to the RASPS, most farmed pigs in Australia are subject to painful husbandry procedures without anesthetic and are enslaved to a lifetime of intensive confinement. When you imagined the pig and the dolphin what did you see? A mundane pig standing idly in a grubby pen?

A graceful dolphin gliding nimbly through the open seas? Our view of the world is shaped by our social and cultural upbringing. Chances are, if you were brought up in Australia or the LISA you identified with this form of imagery. Yet both pigs and dolphins are living creatures. Both are intelligent warm-blooded mammals. And both are subject to questionTABLE butchery practices. In the end it comes down to a learned cultural affinity. The dolphin has won our hearts. The pig has not.


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